September 19, 2020



My love of photography began right around the time when I recognized a passion for traveling. The first time I wanted to capture photos was when I took a road trip out west with my grandparents. Seeing beauty like that captivated me. We headed out to see Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and then wove through the Great Plains. Needless to say, I took pictures of everything out there. To be honest, it was the spark that really led me to a moment of truth: I found my passion the most when I had a camera in my hand.

Don't you love those moments of clarity and truth?

Those are certain moments in our lives when we finally begin to understand our passions. Passions are never something you should just release and move on from. It’s a strong calling to combine those desires with the opportunities that are right in front of you… (and you pray that when others get to see it, they find their passions/calling too).

For me, it’s always been with photos. And I often get asked the question: ‘Why did you name it UNITED & FREE PHOTOGRAPHY?’

Here’s my why: The people I'm honored to capture and surround myself around are the same souls I want to inspire. They are the people I want to dream with, pour into, and build a strong community for. I want them to see someone who’s chasing her heart’s desires -- and knowing that she's rooting for them to chase theirs too. This is where UNITY and FREEDOM coexist together. 

See friend, this is more than just wanting to snap your pictures. This is more than just making a business. This is a story of a woman just going after what she’s being called to do. It’s a ministry, and I pray that this article leads you to ask yourself the same tough questions that I had to. Even the ones I'm often faced with now as I keep growing and learning.

There is an "ownable" niche for me and there certainly is one for YOU TOO. I just want you to know it's possible for you. 

Your story matters.

Sending you love & light,



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